Our Why

In the Beginning...

  Our founder, Jim Price, has been in the consumer electronics industry since 1991. It all started in his vocational school's electronics class. The son of an engineer, Jim was born with the ability to pick up most any electronic device and make it work with little to no instruction. Shortly after school Jim went to work for a 60 year old company that specialized in home and pro audio and video. This experience paved the way for many an opportunity. 

My Passion...

I remember when my great grandmother gave me my first album, Styx, Kilroy Was Here. Admit it, you like Mr Roboto, it was a  cool song. It was 1983 and I was 9 years old. I played it until it lost all fidelity. My collection grew and so did my passion for music. Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, etc... They all had one thing in common, quality recordings. It was like these guys knew their music was going to be played on high performance sound systems.

I grew up in a family of craftsmen and engineers. From a very young age I was learning how to respect electricity, frame a house, fix a car and repair the VCR. We didn't have a lot of money or access to services that you pay to do everything for you. We did everything ourselves. If we didn't know how, we taught ourselves. There was no YouTube, it was trial and error, figure it out... It was a blast!

Going to vocational school for electronics was a no-brainer. I was top of the class and class president 2 years in a row. After graduation I played around for a bit with Car Stereo, installing radios for car dealerships. During that first year I made friends with the local HiFi shop. I went to work for them as a salesman (yuck). A couple years later I took over as the lead car stereo installer. Within 3 years took over the car stereo department and doubled the business in less than 2 years.

I had developed many great relationships on all sides of the business. My Denon rep offered me a job working as a Manufacturers rep for Denon, Monster Cable, Jamo, NHT, MB Quart, Sanus and many more. It was a great experience. I now had gained knowledge of all sides of the Consumer Electronics Industry.

My former employer approached me about taking over the entire company, managing 25 employees. We grew the business significantly and became one of CE Pro's top 100 integrators in the US. Unfortunately they took on a new 50% owner. It was disastrous. I had a choice to make.

It was now 2008 and the economy was collapsing. Not a great time to start a new business. I did it anyway. We grew a strong business based on quality craftsmanship, extreme service and value engineering. 5 Years, enduring the bitter cold and challenges of owning a business in one of the highest taxed states in the country. Never the less, a Success!  We sold the company in early 2014 and took a year off.

North Carolina Here we come...

An opportunity to manage the top custom integration firm in the Southeast presented itself. We packed up and headed south. The South is no stranger, my family settled Maggie Valley in the mid 1700's. I have been running up and down 81 to east Tennessee twice a year since 1974. Once again I was working for someone (Ugh). A great company, a great experience and i made a lot of great friends but... It wasn't mine. I know what products are the best value, what products work best together, how to install them, service them, custom fabricate, design, etc... Welcome to McClain & Co. I am James McClain Price III, call me Jim.

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