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Every recipe should be tasted before it is served. We can all relate to food. If one ingredient is wrong then the whole meal is ruined.

This is important... We have taken the time (25 years) to properly vet the products that we sell. They meet very specific requirements to insure that they work well together, provide a lot of value, perform at a very high level and are incredibly reliable. We are standardized and we are consistent. Things change, so at least once a year we review our product lineup and make any necessary adjustments or additions  to insure you are getting the best experience available.


Our Why

Our founder, Jim Price, has been in the consumer electronics industry since 1991. It all started in his vocational school's electronics class. The son of an engineer, Jim was born with the ability to pick up most any electronic device and make it work with little to no instruction. Shortly after school Jim went to work for a 60 year old company that specialized in home and pro audio and video. This experience paved the way for many an opportunity.

About Us

Our Process



Expectations... thats what it's all about. A great consultation produces the best product experience. Once we understand your needs and how you want to live with your technology then we can design a system that meets your expectations.



We are all about Value Engineering. That means that we have aligned ourselves with the highest value products that perform well beyond expectations. We've also taken the time to test our combinations to ensure they work well together.



 Our technicians care and are passionate about providing real craftsmanship. They hone their skills daily and train on new products and technologies frequently. We respect your home and work tirelessly to preserve it. You will notice that our technicians wear shoe booties and use drop cloths to protect your floors and furniture.  



 Service after the sale is something that we all hope you won't need. If you do, you can anticipate a quick response. If you have a failure with one of our products, we are equipped to provide you with a loaner while your replacement or repair is taking place. 


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